Who Am I?

Who is behind Poet and Crow Craft? One of the artists that brought you Poet and Crow Artisan Jewelry and Craft, that's who! I am one artsy mama living in the thriving southwest city of Austin, Texas, raising kids and creatures while finding time in between to bring you a variety of functional goods and wares. More interested in my sterling silver and gold jewelry? No problem! I am NOT offended. You can find my wearable art at: www.poetandcrow.com 

Formerly known as one of the artists behind 'twochixdesign' back in the early 2000's, I have grown from a budding artist to full-fledged creative working in a variety of media. I am inspired by too many things to name and I take pride in expanding my talents in order to contribute to the lovely offerings you will find on these pages. I am never content to be idle and will always be in search of new ways to bring more goods to the public space. If you don't find something that suits your fancy today, just stick around a bit and you will surely encounter that special "must have" item soon. 

I strive to make happy, life-long customers. It's my pleasure to bring a little bit of joy in the form of handmade goods. What do I mean by handmade?  At Poet and Crow Craft, I mean that each item I produce is made in my small studio (not mass produced) one item at a time. While my base products are manufactured elsewhere, the artist groupings and imagery you find on my pieces comes from both my own imagination as well as the creative genius of many artists who provide their work for public consumption. This all adds up to a beautiful finished product that you are sure to love for years to come!